Handmade jewellery from Kenya

Every single bead is handmade and they are all hand painted. The clay comes from the district around Mt. Kenya and with many years of experience with glazing, firing and design it makes every single piece of jewellery very beautiful and unique.

The founder of Kazuri, Lady Susan Wood (1918-2005) was born in a little village in Africa. Her parents were missionaries from England. Susan Wood was educated in England, but returned to Kenya with her husband Michael Wood in 1947. Susan and Michael Wood were both visionary people, Michael Wood is the founder of the organization AMEREF, East African Flying Doctor Service.

In 1975 Lady Susan Wood started a small pottery in her backyard with two local women. The pottery is located at the same spot today, at the foot of Ngong Hills, near the farm of Karen Blixen south-west of Nairobi.

Kazuri has been developing rapidly and has now recruited 380 women. Most of them are single mothers and by working at Kazuri  they can provide for themselves and their family.

Jewelery for the whole world

Jewellery from Kazuri is sold world wide and the one thing they have in common, is that they make women even more beautiful.

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